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Suzuki Method


“Every child can,” was the motto of Shinichi Suzuki, the German-trained Japanese violinist who developed the Talent Education method of music teaching after World War II.

When Suzuki realized that every child learns their mother tongue fluently and easily from birth, he decided that “Musical ability is not an inborn talent but an ability which can be developed. Any child who is properly trained can develop musical ability... the potential of every child is unlimited.”

Since Suzuki founded his method of musical instruction, his method has flourished in every continent of the world, creating musicians out of ordinary children, simply because he believed "every child can".

Shinichi Suzuki playing violin
Little boy and girl as friends in kinder

Learning With Others

Music is meant to be enjoyed with others. While private lessons teach the student valuable things about playing their instrument and music, playing with others is where the fun really starts! The Suzuki method suggests weekly private and group classes. Group classes teach students how to play with others, how to focus on their leader, basic musicianship skills and ear training. More advanced students learn to play as a group with diverse harmonies added.

When To Start

At Willowdale School of Music we accept students ages 4 and up to register for formal music lessons. Students under the age of 4 who show an interest in music lessons should take a pre-instrumental/musicianship class (please contact us for pre-instrumental class recommendations).

Parental Involvement

As with any other area of their learning, parents are instrumental in their child's development. Parents are required to sit in on their child's private lesson, taking notes during the lesson so that they can help their child practice at home. Parents should attend group class when possible unless otherwise stated by the teacher.

At Home

Practicing is one of the toughest parts of learning a new instrument, and most often thought of as the least enjoyable part! At Willowdale School of Music we work to make practicing as enjoyable as possible. With daily, consistent practice and listening to the repertoire recording, students thrive and will experience exciting and healthy progress; a wonderful life lesson that learned young can change the way they live their lives

Woman and little girl learn violin
Mother or teacher teaching little boy pl

Instrument Purchase and Rental

Please visit The Sound Post for renting or purchasing an instrument.

Please visit the Suzuki Association of the America's website for further reading:

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