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Hello, I'm Sarah Murley-Hauser!

I am the Director here at Willowdale School of Music.

When I was 3 years old, I started asking for violin lessons, and I kept asking until I was 6 years old and my parents gave in. I know that when I started violin lessons, I started practicing the skills necessary to become a better human being, and I was inspired to teach violin by my first violin teacher: Heidi Behrenbruch.

When I started the school in 2012, Willowdale School of Music was just myself driving around to student’s houses as the Richmond Hill Suzuki Studio. Now WSM is an ever expanding multi-instrument music school in the heart of North York.


Regardless of lesson location, WSM’s “Why” has always been the same: The best music lessons teach children more than just how to play their musical instrument, they give children the skills and tools to change the world for the better. Put very simply, when we give children music lessons, we are making the world a better place for everyone.


Engaging, Enjoyable & Age-Appropriate
Music lessons should never be boring, painful, too hard or scary! When you come to your music lessons at WSM, you can be sure that your teacher will do their very best to create an engaging and enjoyable experience for both student and parent and teach in an age-appropriate way. Every lesson comes with a smile, something new to learn and the opportunity to play real music on the instrument. 

Tailored to Each Student
Since everyone learns differently, WSM teachers modify their teaching methods to suit the specific needs of each student, working with parents and students to find the best way to structure lessons and practicing, so that learning beautiful music is shaped by a love for the instrument. Through one-on-one lessons, each student progresses at their own pace, learning what they need to, when they need to. 

Geared Towards Familiarity of Instrument & Performance

We place a high value on performance and instrument familiarity, so we offer regular performance events to help students get comfortable being on stage and playing for others. We offer two formal recitals per year, plus regular Coffee Houses and community events throughout the year.

Ready to try out music lessons? Come on in, we want to meet you!

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