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young girl playing the violin

Sarah is very knowledgeable, uses analogies and looks for fun tips and tricks to help you learn, and it's obvious that she is committed to her students' learning. She's funny, and makes me laugh every lesson. :) She is thorough and has high standards, which I appreciate, but she also makes learning enjoyable.

Whether you're looking for a violin or a viola teacher for your child or for yourself, I highly recommend Sarah be that teacher. :)

                                  -Diana G., student

I’ve wanted to learn to play the violin since a very young age. Unfortunately the planets didn’t align for me with finding the time and the right instructor (Sarah) until I was in my mid thirties. My goal was simple; learn the rudiments, read violin sheet music and be able to make music that was pleasing for me and my family.  


Learning to play the violin as an adult was not easy. Simple hand-fingers-eye coordination that helps with a task as typing at your computer, translates differently when holding a bow, touching the right note on the strings and reading sheet music. 


The important learning for me was to be kind to myself, to take the time I need to learn and to be brave and ask Sarah for help when I hit a snag. I do remind myself ever so often that time is on my side.  I am taking lessons and learning something new - doing something outside of my comfort zone.  What I am proud of is the personal resolve to self-direct, overcome and pursue my goal.


Learning to play the violin is a lifelong journey - the rewards of persevering are priceless.  

If you are unsure if this is for you, I recommend signing up for a trial lesson. 

-Ranga A., student

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