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Frankie Wong, a highly skilled pianist, orchestral and choral conductor, boasts a decade of professional experience in these roles. He achieved a first-class honors degree from Hong Kong Baptist University, majoring in music education, piano pedagogy, and conducting studies.

In addition to his remarkable academic background, Frankie holds an additional three-year expertise in piano education, as well as experience in accompaniment for chamber orchestras and choirs. His enthusiasm for music education is evident through his ability to craft tailored lesson plans using various teaching approaches. He adeptly implements targeted instructional strategies, fostering teamwork and creativity through engaging music pedagogy activities. His students’ exceptional achievements in competitions and ABRSM graded exams are a testament to his effective teaching, and they thoroughly enjoy their lessons with him.

Furthermore, Frankie's proficiency extends to over three years of conducting orchestral and choral ensembles. His leadership has guided more than 180 choir members through rehearsals. He had the privilege of studying under the guidance of Mr. Ho-Man Choi, the former resident conductor of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, enhancing his conducting skills. Additionally, he honed his abilities through sectional conducting practices under the esteemed Dr. Jamie Hillman, Director of Choral Studies at the University of Toronto.

Frankie's hands-on experience includes serving as a conductor for rehearsals involving over 180 choristers and a chamber group at Hong Kong University. His extensive background also encompasses over four years of choral singing, complemented by frequent accompaniment of orchestras and choirs during rehearsals.

Frankie Wong

Frankie Wong

Piano & Voice

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