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Adrien is a young and unique Toronto-based guitarist. An aspect of his musical identity that sets him apart from nearly all other guitarists is his use of p4, or “all-fourths” tuning, rather than standard tuning, which he taught himself in 2018. Adrien enjoys playing in a variety of settings - he works in small jazz combos, traditional and modern jazz orchestras, and musicals. He has also been gifted with opportunities to perform as a featured artist in choirs, chamber orchestras, and on live radio broadcasts. In his playing, he strives for an organic and melodic sound.

Before beginning his post-secondary studies, Adrien had the privilege of studying guitar with Stan Russell and Lorne Lofsky, and ear training and music theory with Bill Gliddon. During his time at the University of Toronto, Adrien has taken private lessons with David Occhipinti and Geoff Young.

Adrien graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance for jazz guitar in 2022.

Adrien Petric

Adrien Petric

Guitar & Ukulele

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