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Instrument Rental and Purchase

String Instrument rental, purchase repair

Toronto's experts in violins, violas, cellos, basses, bows, strings, plus repairs (Queen's Park and College). Visit for more information and for all your violin lesson needs.

The Sound Post store Toronto

Piano rental, purchase and repair

For all your piano lesson needs, these local shops have everything you need to get the best piano or keyboard set up possible.

Robert Lowrey

Remenyi House of Music

Cosmo Music

Long & McQuade

For piano tuning, Willowdale School of Music uses Robert Lowrey's affiliate company, Piano Tune Canada, for all our tuning and repair needs.

Grand Piano keys

Accessories and Music Books

The following local shops have a wide offering of music books and essential accessories, like rosin, music stands, strings and more that you will need in your music lessons.

The Sound Post

Remenyi House of Music

Long and McQuade

If you cannot find what you need locally, offers an extensive collection of items to ship to your doorstep!

Please speak with your teacher to find out what they require you to purchase.

Sheet Music
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