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Megatrainer Xl 15 2022




20i megatrainer xl 1520i Product Description The megatrainer XL-1520I is a versatile implement that allows you to harvest vine-borne fruits such as peaches, pears and plums. It can also be used for pruning and cleaning up vegetation in the garden. Thanks to its many functions, the product offers you full control of your harvest. The megatrainer XL-1520I features an innovative self-closing and locking system to ensure your safety and guarantee that the automatic operation of the implement is always assured. It also allows you to control the harvest at any moment. Moreover, this system has an integrated ice protection and automatic watering function. With this function you can harvest fruits in the drier part of the year. The functions can be controlled from the control panel or from the Bluetooth App that is also included. The megatrainer XL-1520I is fitted with a thermostatic bucket for heating the products. Heating this way prevents harmful microorganisms that cause the decay of the fruits from developing. The megatrainer XL-1520I is a reliable, ergonomic and innovative product that can be very useful for harvest during the summer months. You can choose between five different operating modes: auto boost boost-cool boost-cool-1-2 boost-cool-3 It is also equipped with a remote control that can be used to harvest from a distance. If you decide to take advantage of this function, you can also control your product’s operations from the app. The megatrainer XL-1520I also offers a time adjustment function that allows you to set the desired harvest time. The product can be configured in both minutes and hours, so that you can select between a 4-hour and a 16-hour work cycle. The megatrainer XL-1520I can harvest fruits from vines that grow up to 2.5 metres in height. The harvest process can be started directly by attaching the product to the vine with the quick connect clamp. The megatrainer XL-1520I’s height is adjustable from 0.5 to 2.5 metres, allowing you to harvest any type of fruits. It has an integrated ergonomic handle that is suitable for use by everyone. You




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Megatrainer Xl 15 2022

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