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The Power of Playing in Public

As a music teacher, I am passionate about creating opportunities for my students to learn, exercise their skills and experience the beauty of music.

One of the things I strongly believe is that children who take music lessons are better set up to accomplish life tasks later on as adults. Why? Because children who take music lessons perform in public. It's kind of like regularly taking a public performance vitamin to keep the butterflies at bay! Performance demands level-headedness and control over emotions that makes the performer seem cool as a cucumber on the outside, but also expressive and passionate through their art. There are many life experiences where a self-possessiveness and calmness would go a long way.

girl clapping at concert

Think about what kind of a career your child could have if they were well-equipped to perform in the public eye! This list is definitely not exhaustive:

-professional musician -amateur musician

-politician -actor

-activist -board member


-company owner -high level employee

-team leader -religious leader

-police officer -teacher

-camp counsellor -support staff

-professor -reporter

-news anchor -lawyer

-change maker -life coach

-inspirational speaker -doctor

-and maybe in a pinch, even royalty ;)

There are so many more careers paths your child could take, but regardless of what it is, two things remain consistent: their success and happiness weighs upon how they perform under stress and how they interact with others. If they haven’t been blessed with the thrill-inducing experience of public performance, how will they know what their reaction will be when faced with hard decisions to make as an adult, or even later on in childhood?

Yes, performance can be terrifying, but think about how terrifying it would be to break out of the box after 30 years of acute stage fright! These little children in this new generation are the future leaders of tomorrow. The best tools we can give them are ones that they’ll be able to use to make the world a better place.

Children need to experience the thrill and adrenaline of public performance to ready themselves for their adult life. Wouldn’t you like to give your child a head start on confidence?

So get your child to perform regularly! Play for family members, at the park, at school for Show & Tell, at church, at family gatherings, for concerts, and remember, our children will learn to see it as a positive thing if we remind them that it is a positive experience.

children singing in choir

Since we believe performance opportunities are one of the foundations of excellent music education, we offer many opportunities to play in public. Come to one of our community events or recitals to see us play!

If you'd like to learn more about how performance can influence your child in life, school and home, contact us here, or book a trial lesson with one of our wonderful teachers here!

I look forward to meeting you soon,

Sarah Murley-Hauser


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