Freeze Dance

Put some music on, and dance! When the music stops, you freeze until you hear music again! Great for listening skills and warming up for something else, this is always a favourite among kids.

Sound Scavenger Hunt

Write down all the sounds you think you may hear while you're outside on the family walk. Head outside and see how many sounds you can cross off the list! You could also turn this into Sound Bingo!

Paint to Music

This combines visual arts with musical art. Get the paint, pencils or crayons out and put on some music. What colour does this music sound like? Is it a shape? Is there a picture that goes along with this music?

Giant Chalk Keyboard

Grab some chalk and go outside to the driveway. Draw a giant keyboard to teach your child the musical alphabet. Get the instructions here.

Music Collage

Grab some old magazines, paper and glue, and turn on some music. Ask your child to listen to the music and look through the magazines to find a picture that sounds like the music. Cut it out and glue to the paper, what does your music look like today?

Sound Bingo

Print out a blank Bingo Card from online and fill in the boxes with sounds you will hear outside. Cross off a line and yell "Bingo!"