Give them a gift card towards their music lessons.


Holiday gift all-in-one: leave a card, instrument and lessons for them to open.

Music lessons are maybe the perfect all-in-one holiday gift:




The best part? It's a gift that keeps on giving for the rest of their life.

Sounds like the perfect gift to us!

Because the holiday season +  pandemic is making everyone's brains mush, we're here to help simplify gift-giving this year.

We'll get you all set up for Christmas Day or whenever you open presents with an instrument and card. You'll be ready to start their music lessons before they can even say



LGBTQ2S+ Safe Space

Music is for everyone, regardless of who you love, what you look like and where you're from.

Music changes the world, from our insides out. This is a safe space to learn more about yourself to better love and serve the world around you.

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