We're heading into the gift-giving-est time of the year, so here are a few gift ideas for the mini musician and maybe not-so-mini musician in your life!


Looking to shop local? We gotchu, all these ideas are courtesy of small & Willowdale/Toronto businesses!


Classical Snap Card Game

If you've ever played Snap! you know how much fun it is, and now there's a musical version! See how fast you can match famous composers.



Musical Happy Families

Another classic game with a musical twist! Collect as many instruments in a group to win the game, there are instruments in here you've never heard of!



Musidoku - The Musical Sudoku

Do you have a mini musician that is on the brainier side and loves a good Sudoku puzzle? Musidoku is the thing for them!


taktell metronome.png

Taktell Animal

This is a fun practice tool for mini musicians who are learning how to play with a metronome! Buy it in Toronto at the Sound Post.



TonalEnergy Metronome & Tuner

If you're more of an app family, then you'll love this metronome tuner app that is super highly rated in both Android and Apple app stores!



Griffin Crayola Kids Headphones

These headphones are built for kids and their rough-and-tumble ways with volume-limiting circuitry for young ears, they can also decorate them with stickers and markers!



The Bat Boy and His Violin

Reginald loves to play the violin, but his dad needs a bat boy, not a "fiddler". What's a violin-loving boy to do?



The Dance of the Violin- Joshua Bell

A young Joshua Bell learns the value of making mistakes and trying again, all at an international competition!



The Philharmonic Gets Dressed

It's Friday evening, and around the city, people are getting dressed to go to work. They all wear special black and white clothes!



Eighth Note Silver Studs

These sterling silver earrings are made of recycled metals by Pierre who lives in Hamilton. These are the perfect gift for anyone who wears earrings!



Life Without Music Would Bb Tote

This classic cotton tote bag is from a Toronto maker, The Scarlett Studio. Proclaim your love of music to the world!


music masks.png

Reusable Music Notes Face Mask

Made by GstyleCreations in Manitoba, we love the music themes of these masks! They come in Child and Youth/Adult sizes and are 3 layers with a Cotton/Poly cotton blend.



Magic Rosin for Violin

Ummmmm, sorry, there's sparkly pink rosin out there?! Sparkly blue?! Rosin with dragons, snowmen and music in it?! Sign us ALL up!



Freshly Picked Fruit Pick Set

Pick from 5 different fruits in assorted thickness when it's time to strum away. Remember, don't eat these, they're not real food!



K&M Collapsible Music Stand

This is a high, quality collapsible music stand that comes in black, blue, green, purple, rainbow, red, white and yellow!



Yorkville  Keyboard Bench

If your little pianist needs to sit on a stack of books underneath them while practicing, then this bench is the perfect gift!



Keyboard Pencil Case + Polka Dots

Every budding pianist and musician needs a place to put their pencils and markers while they're not using them, plus, this is ultra cute!



Help Your Kids With Music Book

This book + CD is for all those parents and practice buddies out there who are not musicians, but want to know how to best help their kids at home with their music practicing!



Musical Cookie Cutter Shapes

These cookie cutters come in musical note and instrument shapes! Made of tin, these will last a long time. Time to get baking!



Sparkly Music Note Socks

These metallic blue socks with music symbols are sure to suit any musician's fancy, big or small!




Piano Pencil Sharpener

All those pencils you need for practicing don't sharpen themselves! This cute pencil sharpener is shaped like a piano and is just waiting to be stuffed into a stocking!



Toronto Symphony  Orchestra Tickets

The TSO is back and Roy Thompson Hall is open again! Check out their holiday concert lineup, they have Christmas classics and lots more for the whole family!



Classical Kids Composer Stories (CD)

These CDs are fantastic and fascinating! Each CD has a composer theme and the story is narrated with music by that composer. We can't pick which one is our favourite!



Winter/Spring Music Lesson Package

Maybe all your mini musician wants for Christmas is some music lessons, and let us say that if that's the kind of kid you have, we want that too! ;)



Another Land

Coffee & More

This Willowdale cafe is one of WSM's favourite places to perform! The cafe is now open to go and sit for a while as well as purchasing of their subscription boxes, coffee beans and drink/food takeout.



Inside Out Puzzle

Looking for indoor things to do during Winter Break? Inside Out Puzzle Adventures has you covered! Check out their seasonal scavenger hunts!



The Batner Bookstore & Games

Known for their vast selection of textbooks, did you also know Batner has a large selection of games? They have all the classics, plus a few extra (325 games to be precise!).