Music isn't cancelled because you're home for school this year.

It's easy to sink into the pits of despair when you think of all the wonderful things and missed opportunities that Covid-19 has killed.

Camps, extra-curriculars, field trips, play dates, you name it.

But you don't have to let that despair get you down and kill your child's social life this year.

Our online music classes will fill some of the gaps you have now, leaving you at the end of the day content with your child's education and development.

"We love listening to her play violin for us, her sound has gotten so much better since making the switch to WSM. She is also more confident than before we came to WSM. Thank you for keeping the music lessons happening online during Covid-19!"

-parent to a Willowdale School of Music student

KinderSing: online choir for kids

  • ages 4-12

  • use correct breathing technique

  • to use your body to sing better

  • to sing a wide variety of repertoire, not just "classical" songs!

  • gain self-confidence while singing with friends!

Music History

This class isn't what adults remember music history as! Learn about:

  • female composers

  • Canadian musicians & composers

  • Black and BIPOC musicians & composers

  • movie music

  • and finally, yes, we'll learn the "classics" too!

Piano & Voice Performance Class

  • ages 4-10

  • for pianists and singers

  • watch and listen to others play

  • discuss performance

  • encourage others

  • gain self-confidence

Music Performance Class

  • for any budding musician ages 9+

  • learn about stage presence

  • performance anxiety

  • performance breathing techniques

  • gain self-confidence!


  • 15 lessons (Sept 8 - Dec 19, 2020)

  • $64/month

  • $29 registration fee (waived if registered by 12pm on Sept 1st)


  • KinderSing- Saturdays at 11am & 12pm

  • Piano & Voice Performance- Saturdays at 1:30 PM

  • Music Performance- Mondays at 6:30 PM

  • Music History- Wednesdays at 10:00 AM / 10:45 AM / 11:30 AM

LGBTQ2S+ Safe Space

Music is for everyone, regardless of who you love, what you look like and where you're from.

Music changes the world, from our insides out. This is a safe space to learn more about yourself to better love and serve the world around you.

245 Sheppard Avenue West (at Senlac), #306, North York, ON

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